| 30.03.2021

Ground Screw Foundations

For the garden room foundations, atHome uses ground screws which are a low carbon alternative to concrete, with a raised timber-framed cassette floor on top. The beauty of our system is that it makes it simple to level an uneven site - so no digging or groundwork is required beforehand. 

Ground screws offer a complete foundation solution that provides a strong, level base for our projects. As well as taking less time to install than traditional concrete foundations, ground screws provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Install on sloping and uneven ground
  • Install in hard-to-access and off-grid areas
  • Install any time of the year, in any weather
  • No mess. No damage. No concrete

Concrete is the 2nd highest, most consumed substance on Earth after water and 10% of carbon emissions is a result of cement production globally. RADIX and No More Digging have developed a foundation system that provides a low carbon alternative to concrete. Ground screws use fewer resources and cause less damage to the environment. They also make hard-to-access areas accessible, with minimal impact, damage or disruption to the environment. 

The ground screws are made of strong, structural steel, galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461: 2009 for long-lasting protection and life expectancy. They are also designed for load resistance tested to BS EN ISO 6892-1:2016 - perfect for garden room constructions. 

If you have any questions about our foundation system feel free to send us an enquiry or, you can learn more ground screws by checking out our online brochure

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