| 28.01.2021

Gillian's Garden Office

The Burrow at 3x3m was the perfect choice for Gillian who asked us to build her an office in her garden in Motherwell. 

Gillian, like many of us, has been working from home for the past 12 months and whilst it has its many perks like not getting stuck in traffic, she also faced all of the usual challenges, daily distractions and discomforts that come with it. She decided it would be a worthy investment to have an office built in her back garden, allowing her the freedom to work from home whilst enjoying all of the perks that come with an office - a large desk, comfortable seating, storage, appropriate lighting, space and most importantly, an environment that promotes focus and productivity.


Having a workspace separate from your home is a great way to truly embrace work-life balance whilst also adding value to your property. 

All of our garden rooms come fully insulated, with flooring, LED downlights, secure PVC windows and doors plus a Wi-Fi heater - all included in the price! Gillian opted for french doors and grey oak flooring. 

It took only five days to complete the build despite the unpredictable January weather conditions - over the five days we had sun, rain and snow! You've got to love Scotland. 

What an amazing job she did on completing the interior! We just love the contrasting blue sofa with a pink chair and decor - strong, feminine and aesthetically pleasing!  

Another happy customer, Gillian was thrilled with her garden room and left us a review:

"From start to finish atHome delivered a fantastic service. I chose The Burrow 3 x 3 to fit in a space of the garden that was unused. On day 1 the lorry was unloaded , groundscrews and base in place within 45 mins and my garden room handed over on Day 5 - astounding! Communication from the team was great too and Sean provided updates daily on the progress and next steps. Now I have the perfect working from home space. Not sure I will ever go back to the office now as my commute is literally 10 secs door to door." 

If you have any questions about The Burrow or any other garden room you can send us a message and one of the team will get back to you shortly. You can also email sales@athomeuk.com.

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